For Business Owners Tired of Constantly Chasing Revenue, Yet Never Seem to be Getting Ahead Financially...

How to Avoid Neglecting Family & Friends by Building a 'Cash-Rich' Business that's Actually Profitable

So You Have the Time and Money to Enjoy Your Life OUTSIDE of Your Business

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10 Levers to Increase Your Cash Position
Without Increasing Revenue

This Page is For Business Owner Who Want to...

  • Have 100% confidence knowing they have enough cash in the bank to weather any storm or seasonality within the business. Allowing them to sleep easy at night knowing their business and their family are financially secure.

  • Stop riding the financial rollercoaster of ups and downs - even when each year they grossed more than the year before. Instead, they want predictable, consistent growth with the business producing healthy margin and cash.

  • Work smarter, not harder by making CEO level decisions that allows them to get ahead financially. While at the same time, leading their team ‘by the numbers’ so everyone is on the same page moving in the same direction.

  • Spend more time with loved ones, revisiting hobbies, working on their fitness, and self-care because the business is operating smoothly. Instead of constantly having to put out fires. Allowing them to be fully present with those around them doing things they love.

  • Finally enjoy the fruits of their labor after sacrificing years of blood, sweat, and tears poured into their business. Whether it’s taking out a healthy dividend, going on vacation, or even selling the business one day.

  • Know exactly what’s going on with their numbers and financials to make high-level CEO decisions. Allowing them to communicate ‘on the same level’ with their CFO, accountant, bookkeeper and banker to make key financial decisions.

But First... Out of Respect For Your Time...

This isn't another marketing or sales program.

I'm NOT going to give you new shiny objects to “10X!!!” your revenue.

I’m NOT going to teach you how to get ‘cheap leads’.

I’m NOT going to show you how to increase your followers or subscribers.

There's plenty of other people out there who teach that.

This program is about helping you keep more profit and cash without having to increase sales at all. Using numbers and data to make clean CEO level decisions instead of relying on opinions and emotions.

This program is about understanding your money and how it flows. From your customers' hands into your bank account. And everything that happens in-between to maximize the amount you KEEP. This is about thinking AND acting like a CEO instead of a marketer or salesperson.

Your results will vary. Depending on the size of your business, the industry you're in, your experience, and your work ethic.

If You're Making Less Than $100K/year...


This program is best suited for those who have an existing business making at least $100,000/year selling information and expertise (Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Experts, Authors, Professional Services…etc). Other types of businesses still get great results from using our training and tools.

If you don't have a business or you're just starting out, the rest of this page isn't going to be relevant for you. You’re best to invest in a marketing program to help you get your business off the ground. Feel free to STOP READING NOW and save yourself some time.

With that said... let me jump right in and show you...

The Biggest Lie In Entrepreneur Culture:

Sales Cures All

Maybe you’ve experienced this before…

In the first 10 years of my business, I believed that if I just sold more, everything would get better.

I heard, again and again, statements like “build a 7-figure business,” or - better yet - “Sales Cures All.”

"Where'd All My Money Go?!"

In 2014, I had my first $250k year, then a $500k year, and each time I logged into my online banking I had the exact same experience:

I made more "sales", but was disappointed again and again with how much I’d actually kept.

Seeing only $5k to $20K cash in my account at any given time.

A question started screaming at me more and more loudly:

“Where’d all my money go?!”

When we learned about fast-growth awards like the Inc 5000, we see companies celebrated for top-line revenue.

In fact, Inc 5000 called these companies “America’s Most Successful Small Businesses.”

Nothing else seems to matter, not debt, profitability, customer satisfaction nor team culture.

See for yourself, taken from the Inc Magazine's FAQ...

Profitability is NOT a Consideration to be in the Inc 5000…

The Message is Clear...

Selling More (Even If You Don't Have Profit) = "Success"
(According to Inc. 5000)


Financial Problems Are Best Solved With Financial Tools...

...NOT Sales and Marketing Tools

Saving 11 Business Owners (Including Myself) From Bankruptcy Using Financial Tools

I spent 4 years, countless hours, and approximately $100K in tuition and travel expenses. Flying around North America learning from different business owners. I learned how to run a business 'by the numbers' with different financial tools. I've also sat in over 150 board meetings with other Entrepreneurs seeing the company financials of dozens of businesses.

I've also had the honor of saving 11 business owners from bankruptcy, including myself. By looking at the numbers, we’re able to avoid stepping on landmines that can take us out.

"7-Figures" on the Brink of Bankruptcy

It's crazy how a business can "look" healthy on the outside with big revenue numbers (high 6-figures, 7-figures, 8-figures)...

...but can actually be on the brink of bankruptcy with barely any cash in the bank.

Knowing these financial skills and tools allows me to help my clients double and triple their cash in the bank in weeks or months even while revenue stays flat!

This allows them to sleep easy at night without the stress of wondering if there's enough cash to make payroll.

Growth Sucks Cash, Let's Make Sure You Have Enough Cash to Continue Growing

As our business grows, it becomes more complex. There’s more team members, customers, and processes. We need new financial skills and tools to be able to get our arms around our growing business. Marketing and sales tools can only get us so far.

It’s time for us to not just make more sales, but keep more profit and cash.

Don’t just hire more people praying it’ll all work out. Let’s be smart in how we manage them with weekly and quarterly rhythms to hit our goals.

Let’s make CEO level decisions ‘by the numbers’ so we lead our team with clarity and confidence towards our company vision.

"Sales Without Profit Is Just More Work"
~ Jack Stack

Build Your Profit Factory
3-Day LIVE Bootcamp

September 26th, 27th 28th, 2022 on Zoom

For Business Owners Who Are Tired of 'Selling More', Yet Never Seem to be Getting Ahead Financially

You're about to discover the secrets to keeping more profit & cash by running your business ‘by the numbers’.

Building a cash-rich business that will allow you the freedom to spend or invest in whatever you want. Using that cash to take care of your loved ones while also reinvesting back into your business.

Too many business owners are riding the financial rollercoaster of ups and downs. Even when each year they sold more than the year before.

This 3 Day LIVE Bootcamp transforms Business Owners from being nervous to open up their online banking app... confidence as they see their cash in the bank increasing, month in and month out.

You’ll discover new financial tools, methods, frameworks and examples to help you lead your business like a Pro CEO.

Pro CEOs have the confidence, clarity, and competency to make strategic decisions based on their numbers. Regardless if you’re a solopreneur or you own an 8-figure business.

In This 3-Day Live Bootcamp, You Will...

  • Discover profit and cash 'hiding in plain sight' inside your business. Allowing you to grow your bottom line, without always having to “sell more”. Which means more focus can go towards making customers happy so they become repeat buyers and a source of referrals.

  • Cut the money-shame with newfound excitement of what's possible in your business. Allowing you to confidently take on those projects that have been sitting on the back-burner for months or years.

  • Break the cycle of having another year where the business is living "paycheck-to-paycheck" in order to survive. And instead, see the cash in your bank climbing month after month allowing you to sleep easy at night.

  • Create a system that will free you from the hell of constantly neglecting time with your family, friends and even your health and wellness. Your business is here to serve YOU, not the other way around. Feed your mind, body, and soul by spending time outside the business with those you love, doing things you enjoy.

  • Pay yourself what you're worth. Stop worrying if there'll be enough cash to cover your expenses, including taxes at year end. You’re the one who’s taking the most risk so you should be financially rewarded for all the time, energy, and money you’ve put into your business.

  • Finally stop the maddening cycle of "grow-spend-hire, grow-spend-hire" with no end in sight. Get the most out of your current business and team before hiring another person. There’s a saying, “overhead walks on two feet”... let’s maximize our current overhead before taking more on.

  • Influence how and where your money is flowing inside your business. This way you’re the one in control of where your money gets allocated. Allowing you to make clear decisions on how to use your money instead of “investing and praying for the best”.

  • How to "see" your business in a whole new way. Going from ‘2-Dimensional’ to ‘3-Dimensional’. Allowing you to spot opportunities weeks and months in advance so you can take proper action to capitalize on those opportunities instead of letting them slip by.

  • Know which traffic sources are bringing you the best prospects and customers. Not just in terms of sales, but those who are giving you the most profit and cash. That way you can confidently double down on the traffic that’s working best while turning off the ones that aren’t.

  • Know for certain which of your products and services are generating the most profit and which ones are bleeding cash. Not all products and services generate the same profit. This allows you to find the 20% that brings in 80% of your profit so you can double down on what’s working.

Build Your Profit Factory Helps You Become a
Level 4 Executive' on the 5 Levels of 80/20

Most Business Owners ONLY Think at Level 2: 'Skill' and Have Never Been Taught HOW to Think at Level 4: 'Executive'

Most Programs Teach You How to Increase 'Revenue'
We Teach You How to Increase
'Free Cash'

'Revenue' doesn't buy Dreams

'Free Cash' buys Dreams

Like the saying goes...

"It's Not What You Make, It's What You KEEP"

The 5 Phases to Building Your Profit Factory

At a high level, Building Your Profit Factory has five phases to it.

Each phase builds on the next and allows you to renovate your business so you keep the maximum profit and cash.

This way you're not just selling more but keeping more than ever before. Leaving you with less stress and more confidence as cash in your bank account goes up as time goes on.

Phase 1: Establishing Safety

The most important asset to begin with is time.

We need to make sure we have enough cash in the short term so we don't run out of money.

In phase one, it's all about figuring out your cash position for the next 13 weeks.

Are you at risk of running out of cash?

When are you going to have plenty of cash?

What back-up plan do you need to put in place in case of an emergency?

Business owners without a back-up plan in 2020 lost their business when the world shut down.

Establishing Safety gives you a runway of time so you can start optimizing your business to keep more profit and cash.

Once we've established a runway of time, we can now move into phase two.

Phase 2: Quick Cash Wins

We're going for quick cash wins in phase 2.

It’s very likely you have cash hiding in plain sight in your business.

We'll cover financial exercises that are fast, easy and will likely only take a couple hours of work.

You'll probably end up paying for the entire bootcamp in this second phase.

Like one of our previous students found $38,000 in 2 hours going through one of these financial exercises.

Phase 3: Cashflow Mastery

The third phase is where we master the art and science of Cashflow in our business.

We answer questions like...

"Why am I selling more and more, but keeping less?"

"Where’s all my money going?!"

"Why isn’t my bank account growing?"

You’ll know exactly how your cash flows from your customer’s hands to your bank account and the dozens of levers you can pull to maximize the amount of cash you get to keep...

...even if revenue stays flat or decreases.

Phase 4: Blueprinting Your Profit Factory

In Phase four, it's all about looking at the blueprint of your business.

Which handful of products and services in your business is bringing in 80% of the revenue?

In this phase, we're going to figure that out by looking at the blueprint of your business.

We'll make sure with every sale you make, you're able to maximize the profit margin so you end up keeping more.

Giving you the cash to establish a safety net while also allowing you to reinvest into your business and buy the things you want.

Your customers will also have a better experience because you’ll be able to put time, attention, and resources into up-leveling your current products and services.

Phase 5: CEO Decision-Making

Now we move into the fifth and final phase.

We call this phase ‘CEO Decision Making’.

With the first 4 phases completed, we can now make some very important CEO level decisions.

You'll get CEO thinking frameworks and decision-making frameworks so you can make clear decisions based on facts and figures, not opinions and emotions.

You’ll also get weekly and quarterly meeting rhythms that have built in accountability so you don’t have to micro-manage your team.

Allowing you to lead your team with confidence and clarity towards your goals.

Here’s a Preview to Some of the Financial Tools &
CEO Decision-Making Tools You Get Access to:

Cashflow Forecast:

This Cashflow Forecasting Tool has saved 7 businesses from bankruptcy, including my own business.

Financial Model:

This Financial Modelling Tool saved a business from making a $600,000 mistake by modelling different scenarios before deciding to take action.

Free Cash Tracker:

This Free Cash Tracker lets you know exactly how much cash you’re able to safely touch in your bank account. Not all cash is ‘free’.

BLOAT Calculator:

This Bloat Calculator allows you to understand how much ‘Bloat’ your business has so you can actively work on trimming the ‘fat’ to keep more margin.

Unearned Revenue Tracker:

This Unearned Revenue Tracker allows you to not spend money you haven’t earned yet. Keeping you out of sticky situations.

Payables Tracker:

This Payables Tracker keeps all your invoices and payables organized and consolidated so you pay your vendors on time, every time, on your terms.

Decision-Making Matrix:

This Decision-Making Matrix simplifies decision-making by giving you an objective look at the best option, without opinions and emotions clouding your judgment.

And Much More...

BONUS: Money Monday© Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

In this masterclass, I share how to add a ‘Money Monday’ process to your business to help keep track of your finances on a consistent rhythm.

Allowing you to keep a close eye on your money so nothing slips through the cracks.

I’ll be giving you the exact step-by-step process I use with my Assistant to get crystal clear on my company's finances each month to avoid paying "dumb tax".

You’ll see how to set the right agenda each month and what you should cover to stay on top of your finances.

And you’ll know what kind of prep work is involved to gather all the information necessary to have a smooth Money Monday© session

BONUS: 80/20 Top Customer Compass ($500 Value)

In this training, I share how to do a proper 80/20 RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) Analysis on your customer list so you can identify your top VIP customers.

Not all customers are created equal. Identifying your VIP Customers will allow you to:

  • Create a 'lookalike audience' so your ads are shown to those who 'look like' your VIP customers.
  • Ask your Superfans for referrals so you can find more people like them to work with. Like the old saying goes..."Birds of a feather, flock together".
  • Ask them what other services or products they want, pre-sell it to them, THEN go and create it for them. This eliminates the risk of putting time, energy and money into creating something no one will buy.

Clients with all 3 columns highlighted Green are your best customers

BONUS: Quarterly Planning Masterclass ($1000 Value)

In this masterclass, I share the quarterly planning process I use to review the past quarter while planning for the upcoming quarter with the team.

Every quarter, you have thousands of hours of your team’s time, energy and attention that you get to direct towards your business goals. We need to point that energy in the right direction in order to grow our business.

  • You’ll have clarity around your quarterly plans by setting goals based on facts and figures instead of opinions and emotions
  • Gain excitement, confidence, and buy-in from your team that the plans you all set will be achievable, yet challenging.
  • How to get your team involved with compiling data and insights for quarterly planning so it’s not all resting on your shoulders

What Others Are Saying About
Build Your Profit Factory

Build Your Profit Factory
Allows You To Climb The 80/20 Curve

to be a 'Level 4: Executive'

So You Can Do The $10,000/hr CEO Thinking

Here's a Quick Recap of What You Get

Ticket: Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp ($2,500 Value)

September 26th, 27th, 28th, 2022 on Zoom - 9am to 5pm Central Time

11 Financial Tools, Templates, Trackers, Checklists, and Spreadsheets
($10,000 Value)

BONUS: Money Monday Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

BONUS: 80/20 Top Customer Compass Masterclass ($500 Value)

BONUS: Quarterly Planning Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $15,000

(With financial tools saving 11 businesses from bankruptcy and helping save one business from a $600,000 mistake)

3-Day LIVE Bootcamp Experience


* Access to Recordings

Your Investment: $3,000
(Payment Plan Available)

YES! I Want The
Build Your Profit Factory
3-Day LIVE Bootcamp

Backed by our ‘Keep Everything & DOUBLE Your Money Back’ Guarantee

(see below for details)

Hi, My Name is Tim, and I Used to be Addicted to 'Revenue'

In my 20s, I drank substantial volumes of Entrepreneur 'Kool-Aid', chasing dreams of financial freedom and attempting to work only a few hours per week.  This misguided ambition led to just the opposite:

100 hour work weeks and $200,000 of debt.

This stress and exhaustion mounted to a breaking point in 2010 when I developed a rare stress-related illness.  For 3 months I couldn’t walk. 

At 28 years old, I had to move back in with my parents for full-time care, the most broke (and broken) I’d ever been.

In the second month of my bedrest I had a divine encounter where I realized my pursuit of Fame and Fortune was ill-advised, and I made a new promise to myself, to pursue...

...Truth and Mastery

In the years since recovering, I've spent 4 years and over $100,000 traveling the world learning what 'True Progress' is for Business Owners. 

I've paid off every dime of my $200,000 debt, and launched two successful companies, Great Assistant and Profit Factory.

In addition to running my own companies, I now speak and coach with Entrepreneurs around the world, specifically on how to become a 'Real' Business Owner, one who makes clear, confident decisions 'by the numbers' and builds a business that makes True Financial Progress. 

And I've been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York, and have been featured on the websites of Forbes and Inc Magazine.

My friendly, warm, funny style makes the challenge of graduating from Entrepreneur to Business Owner achievable.

I look forward to seeing you inside the Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp

Tim Has Been Featured In:

He Sold $600,000 But Was Stone Broke

Justin remembers the weekend from hell.

His company had $600K in revenue but was teetering on bankruptcy.

On Memorial day weekend on 2016, Justin took his family on what was supposed to be a picturesque vacation to relax and recharge.

Justin was set to collect $20,000 in client payments that Friday.

Because of the holiday weekend, payments didn't process and he was left with barely anything in the bank the entire weekend.

He recalls being terrified that his card would decline as he was buying ice cream for his two young daughters.

What was supposed to be a relaxing family getaway turned out to be one of the most stressful weekends of his life.

Revenue Up By 28%, Profit Up By 161%, Cash Up By 928%

In 2017, we worked with Justin to turn the ship around.

Incredibly, in the 10 months that followed, Justin

...Increased his Sales by 28%...

...While Profit went up by 161%...

...And Cash in the bank grew by 928%...

...All within a 10 month period...

...How can it be that cash can go up by 928% when sales only goes up by 28%?

When you build a profit factory, you can make this phenomenon happen as well.

Me and Justin after helping him turn his business around

Growing Broke
From 1500 sq. ft to 4500 sq. ft After 3 Years…

…to Shutting Down in 11 Months

(Pete / Me / Rich - On the last day of their gym before shutting down)

My good friends Pete, and his business partner Rich, owned a CrossFit gym in Edmonton Alberta.

In 2014, after 3 years in their 1500 sq. ft. space, their lease was up so they decided to look for a bigger space.

After months of searching, they found a space that was triple in size, coming in at 4500 sq. ft.
The space was beautiful and it was love at first sight.

Exciting times…!

After 11 months and over $10,000 spent on renovating the new 4500 sq. ft space, they had to shut everything down.

Paying back their loans and selling all their equipment at a fraction of what they paid.

What they didn’t realize was they were actually *losing* $2,000 - $7,000 per month in cash. They weren’t keeping track of their KPIs and numbers so by the time they noticed, it was already too late.


4 years of blood, sweat, tears, and money borrowed from family, friends, and the bank… down the drain.

This could’ve easily been avoided if they had the financial skills and tools (e.g. Cashflow Forecast & Financial Model) to make the right decision BEFORE committing to a space triple the size.

Is This For Me...?

There’s plenty of “Experts” out there promising that they’ll “10X” your sales", or “double your conversions”, with no mention of how much of that you’ll actually KEEP at the end of the day.

This advice might be tempting to follow for anyone who is new to Entrepreneurship. But if you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably seen through the BS ‘veil’ and realize running a *profitable* and cash-rich business is more than “Just Selling More”.

This Program Is For Business Owners Who Want to...

  • Reduce debt (business and personal) to boost profitability by not having to allocate a certain percentage each month paying off debt. Allowing that weight to come off their shoulders once and for all.

  • Feel more organized around the financial status and reporting of their business. Because numbers and finances are the ‘language’ of business. This allows them to gain a deep understanding of how their business ‘works’ without any guessing.

  • Master their cash flow by knowing exactly where the money is going and how they can impact that flow. Allowing them to know exactly how much money is made at any time instead of waiting for their Accountant to give them a statement once a year.

  • Grow and scale the business using financial forecasting tools to make predictions on what move to make first. Giving the business owner and the team the confidence to take action knowing the business is financially secure.

  • Have a healthy cash reserves in the bank account with a safety net in case anything unexpected happens. Reducing the amount of entrepreneurial stress and depression by not having anything to fall back on.

Business Owners Who...

  • Are done with seeing ‘half-truth’ promises like ‘Sales Cures All’ with no mention of profit and cash.

  • Are great marketers and salespeople and are ready to dive into being the Pro CEO of their business

  • Understand that ‘making more’ and ‘keeping more’ are two different conversations. With different rules, scores, players, opportunities, and consequences.

If Any of This Resonates With You, Then You're in the Right Place.

Increased Profits by $584,000 in 15 Weeks

As you can probably tell by now, “Revenue” numbers don’t excite me, “Profit” numbers excite me. I once helped a client find $472,000 in net profit in 87 days. Incredibly, 55% of that money was found playing “defense”. 

If ‘Sales and Marketing’ is “offense”, then “defense” are other strategies a business uses internally that helps drive those profit numbers. This is what you’ll learn in this 3-Day Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp.

And since then, I’ve generated millions in new profit for others…(not sales… profit!).

Here are a few exciting case studies of recent customer wins clients using financial tools and strategies taught inside the Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp:

$140,000 Cash in the Bank Without Increasing Sales

Troy Royster put an extra $140,000 cash in the bank in just 15 weeks working with me. He did this without increasing sales at all (100% defense). In fact, it would have taken over $900,000 in extra sales to get the same cash bump, which would have taken way longer, and been way harder.

$200,000 Cash in the Bank, Now Taking Care of Parents Health

Todd Dean put an extra $200,000 cash in the bank in just 15 weeks working with me. This allowed him to give back to his parents by getting them the healthcare they deserved. Also gave Todd the peace of mind knowing his business was safe. The cherry on top: Todd also picked up a beautiful new Audi S5 sports car.

Boosted Profitability by $244,000, and She Said "YES!!"

Business partners Mark Springer and Katie Coles boosted profitability by $244,000 in just 15 weeks working with me, which allowed them to pay off all debt and create added security in their business. This newfound financial clarity gave Mark the confidence to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes!

I’m so proud of them, their courage, and their willingness to take on the tough, yet rewarding, job of becoming a Pro CEO.

I can’t wait to see where your journey goes.

What Others Are Saying About Build Your Profit Factory

"I've got a framework and toolkit to figure out my most profitable services"

"Great intersection of world class Entrepreneurs, knowledge and insight"

- Jane Arandelovic

- Stephen Peterson

"We can now make a calm decision with a clear roadmap moving forward"

"Going to work on service rebuilding by creating bundles to maximize profits"

- Lynn and Kent Raible

- Valerie and Aaron

"I knew I needed this bootcamp. You made financials and numbers simple to understand"

"Going to cut out a 47 year division of my office that isn't profitable anymore"

- Donna Schwartz

- Mike Faria

Here's a Quick Recap of What You Get

Ticket: Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp ($2,500 Value)

September 26th, 27th, 28th, 2022 on Zoom - 9am to 5pm Central Time

11 Financial Tools, Templates, Trackers, Checklists, and Spreadsheets
($10,000 Value)

BONUS: Money Monday Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

BONUS: 80/20 Top Customer Compass Masterclass ($500 Value)

BONUS: Quarterly Planning Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $15,000

(With financial tools saving 11 businesses from bankruptcy and helping save one business from a $600,000 mistake)

3-Day LIVE Bootcamp Experience


* Access to Recordings

Your Investment: $3,000
(Payment Plan Available)

Backed by our ‘Keep Everything & DOUBLE Your Money Back’ Guarantee

(see below for details)


Is There a Guarantee?

Yes! We have a ‘Keep Everything and Double Your Money Back Guarantee’. If your business is making over $100,000 in sales and you attend all live sessions, do all the homework and if the program hasn't paid for itself over the coming 12 months, then we'll give you back double your investment plus you get to keep $10,000 worth of our financial tools, spreadsheets and templates along with $2,500 worth of bonus trainings. (see below for details)

How Do I Know it's For Me?

This is for business owners who are making over $100,000 in sales but are not keeping as much as they’d like. For those who are putting more hours into their business but not seeing any financial impact in their bank account. As Business Owners we need to understand the different "levers" we can pull so we can maximize the amount of profit we actually get to keep at the end of the day.

What if I'm Too Busy so I Don't Have Time?

In the '5 Levels of 80/20' (see diagram above), Level 4 (Executive) and Level 5 (Investor) training is meant to pull you out of the whirlwind of day-to-day activities so you’re not stuck in Level 2 (Skill) doing all the work yourself. Even more important for you to join this program so you can elevate yourself to Level 4 and 5 to become a Business Owner who leads your team to do the work. If keeping more profit and cash is a priority for you, then I’m confident you’ll find the time to make it happen.

What if I'm Not Good with Numbers?

I felt the same way. I actually failed calculus 3 times and got rejected from business school multiple times as well. This training doesn’t require you to have any knowledge of accounting. If you can use a simple calculator, you're good to go! Plus, ‘numbers’ is the language of business. This is the perfect time to learn that language if you feel numbers ‘aren’t your thing’.

What Kind of Business is This Bootcamp For?

This is best suited for those who have an existing business making over $100,000/year selling information and expertise (Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Experts, Authors, Professional Services…etc). We’ve also helped service based, brick and mortar, software, and marketing agencies in the past and they’ve seen great results as well. This is NOT for anyone who is new to business or just starting out.

What Kind of Kind of Results Can I Expect?

If you meet our criteria for this program ($100K+ in revenue) and you put in the work, then you can expect a nice bump in profit and cash. Obviously we can't do the work for you. You have to attend the sessions and do the exercises. You have to be responsible for your own results. We're here to give you the tools, resources, and trainings necessary to help you get results.

Keep Everything & Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Here's how it works: If your business is making over $100,000 in sales and you attend all live sessions, do all the homework and if the program hasn't paid for itself over the coming 12 months, then we'll give you back double your investment PLUS you get to keep all our 11 Financial Tools, Templates, Trackers, Checklists, and Spreadsheets worth $10,000 and $2,500 worth of bonus Masterclasses as well.

We are confident this course will "pay for itself" through either annualized reduced expenses, annualized increased profits, or additional cash collected.

I’m making this a no-brainer decision so you take none of the risk. I just want this information to get to as many business owners as possible which is why I’m willing to make this ridiculous guarantee by taking all the risk.

Andy Found $38,000 in 2 Hours
After Going Through One Financial Exercise

Build Your Profit Factory Teaches You the Entire CEO Cycle

Pursue Truth and Mastery in Business by Cutting Through All the BS “Noise”

We are Entrepreneurs who want a better life for ourselves and our family.

We sacrifice our time, money, energy and relationships hoping *one day* we’ll be able to have the time and financial freedom to do what we want, when we want, with whoever we want.

Then we get sucked into all the marketing hype chasing one shiny object after another hoping for the ‘magic bullet’ that will take our business to the moon.

Being misled with half-truths by ‘experts’ who are just looking to make a quick buck so they’ll say whatever it takes to close the sale.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely the type of business owner who is using your business to pursue growth and mastery. You’re grateful to be able to play the game of business while getting financially rewarded for all your hard work.

I welcome you to a new way of operating your business from a place of truth. Seeing what’s really going on inside your business when you understand the different ways to look at your numbers in order to make confident CEO level decisions.

Most Business Owners Are Flying Blind, On the Brink of Financial Disaster.
I Don’t Want You to Be One of Them.

Let’s get serious about becoming a Pro CEO and take action towards understanding the language of business, numbers and financials. This way we’re able to lead our business and team towards true financial progress to make lasting impact in the world.

So whether you decide to shortcut your path to learning how to use numbers to influence your ability as a Business Owner to KEEP more of what you make by joining me in our Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp...

...or you decide to figure it out on your own...

I truly hope you're able to make progress in this vital area of business so you have clarity and confidence around running your business ‘by the numbers’, instead of flying blind like the majority of Business Owners out there.

Whether you join us or not, please don't let this be you

Here's a Quick Recap of What You Get

Ticket: Build Your Profit Factory 3-Day LIVE Bootcamp ($2,500 Value)

September 26th, 27th, 28th, 2022 on Zoom - 9am to 5pm Central Time

11 Financial Tools, Templates, Trackers, Checklists, and Spreadsheets
($10,000 Value)

BONUS: Money Monday Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

BONUS: 80/20 Top Customer Compass Masterclass ($500 Value)

BONUS: Quarterly Planning Masterclass ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $15,000

(With financial tools saving 11 businesses from bankruptcy and helping save one business from a $600,000 mistake)

3-Day LIVE Bootcamp Experience


* Access to Recordings

Your Investment: $3,000
(Payment Plan Available)

Backed by our ‘Keep Everything & DOUBLE Your Money Back’ Guarantee

(see above for details)